Presenting at a Dutch Dynamics Community event!


Today, I had the honor to present for the first time in a long while, at a Dutch Dynamics Community event in Woerden.

I’m still too hyped to sleep, so here’s a little summary on what happened, and another promise kept.

Presenting to an audience that’s probably far more experienced than I am is quite far out of my comfort zone, so I was seriously nervous! And making matters worse, I had to do the same session twice. To cut a long story short, I don’t think I made an impression as relaxed as this guy…

…but eventually, I did have a good time, and hope I managed to inspire some people to start using the discussed technology.

A short summary of the session (in Dutch, sorry!):

8. Hoe up-to-date zijn jouw developmentkennis en -vaardigheden?
Spreker: Kevin O’Garro (Freelance Dynamics NAV Specialist)
Tags: Technisch, NAV

Bij diverse projecten, waar ik de afgelopen maanden betrokken was, viel me op dat er nog weinig met moderne technieken gewerkt wordt, die eigenlijk zo nieuw al niet meer zijn. Ik doel dan op zaken als events, delta-merges, en test automation.

In deze sessie wil ik een update geven van deze “nieuwe” technieken en laten zien hoe eenvoudig ze toegepast kunnen worden. En natuurlijk wil ik met jullie in gesprek komen hoe je dit zelf vrij makkelijk kunt oppakken. Niet alleen in nieuwe projecten, maar ook in oude.

To motivate my choice of subject: I’ve had to force myself a number of times to prevent lapsing into old habits and stay innovative. As a software consultant or developer, it’s sometimes difficult to force yourself to investigate new technology thorough enough to use it in projects. I’m relatively young (in my thirties), and a quick learner – most probably there are a lot of developers who struggle even more, or have stopped trying?
Since there’s quite a lot to benefit from newer technology, my presentation is a small recap of what has been pioneered by people like Waldo, Luc van Vugt, Arend-Jan Kaufmann, Vjekoslav Babic and a lot of other NAV enthusiasts/specialists/MVPs.
This in order to try to tickle the curiosity of my audience.

In the end of my 2nd session, we went a little bit out of scope, and had a look at what’s possible when you strictly follow coding guidelines and use tools already available: we converted NAV2016 customizations into AL code, which can be compiled as a V2 Extension in Visual Studio Code!

Maybe it’s the adrenaline, but I really had an awesome evening.

To my guests: Thanks for not only listening, but also engaging!

Last but not least, you can find a (slightly modified version of the) presentation here, including generated objects & files, extra links and a remark that came up during the second session:

Download the presentation (PDF)

Download the demo files (ZIP)

Downloading the ZIP might cause your antivirus to protest a little. This is caused by the fact that the file contains a PowerShell script and a .cmd-file: Nothing to worry about, it’s part of the session.

PS: Thanks to Dutch Dynamics Community for the opportunity!

Me, demonstrating something about an ancient version of Dynamics NAV
Above: Me, demonstrating something about an ancient version of Dynamics NAV. Image by Vincent van Rens for Dutch Dynamics Community.

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