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Dynamics NAV 2017 & Application Areas

Recently, I was working on a Dynamics NAV 2017 implementation at a customer, when I noticed a lot of the customizations were suddenly not visible. It took me a while to figure out what had happened; when I checked the Company Information page I found Application Area Experience set to “Basic”.

Microsoft rightfully removed the button from newer on-premise versions (it’s only visible when in a SaaS environment on 2018), because I’m sure a lot of people have made this mistake (there’s even a few MVP’s that have blogged about this!).

The culprit was the project responsible; he had been fiddling around through the administration menus and accidentally changed this option, thinking he could always change it back (WRONG!).

Employees at this company do have a sense of humour, and I got a little carried away on blocking the functionality…

If this happens to you, it’s quite easy to fix: Open table 9178 Application Area Setup, remove the record, and all is back to normal.